Ask us how to be Proactive and not Reactive when it comes to Business Continuity
TelecomDR has a Solution for all your Business Continuity needs

TeleVoice is a cost effective, easy to implement, solution to keep you and your customers connected.

  • Compatible with any carrier or voice service
  • OnDemand - activate in minutes 
  • State-of-the-art cloud based service
  • Customizable auto attendant
  • Ability to simultaneously ring multiple voice lines (cell phones/land lines)
  • Voicemail to Email functionality
  • Low Monthly Cost 


TeleData is a 4GLTE/5G based solution that delivers internet access through a network appliance, pre-configured and shipped to your office.

  • Internet speeds compatible with cable modems*
  • Available static IP address
  • Auto fail-over
  • Flexible Price models for every customer

*Speeds dependent upon cellular strenth

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Our Company

TelecomDR is a Nationwide Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity firm offering customized and cost effective solutions to keep your business connected.
Founded by former Telecom executives and industry visionaries, TelecomDR has been providing Voice and Data Continuity solutions since 2011. 
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Our Services

Data Back-up

Cloud Services

Data Center

Off site back-ups are a necessity for every business. With flexible, magnetic disk-based data back-up services with both remote access and mobile data vault restoration options, TelecomDR will find the appropriate back-up solution for you.
TelecomDR will help any company in the selection and implementation of cloud-based productivity and data back-up solutions as well as provide twenty-four hour support for all of your new and existing cloud-based applications.
Specifically designed for maximum security of services and utilities, TelecomDR's data centers are comprised of multiple bays where individual servers are segregated and sheltered from unauthorized access, as well as protected from fire, water, extreme changes in temperature, and other external threats.

Voice Continuity & Analog Handoff

Network Diagnostic

Network Operations

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is an outlet that keeps your company connected in the event of a network failure through the connection of a single T1 cable. TelecomDR's switch center will forward your lines to any Internet circuit where an Intergrated Access Device (IAD) connects to a PRI signal, leaving you easily accessibile to customers.
Each package, depending on the span of diagnostics, includes features such as monitoring, engineering, configuration, technician review, and data collection.
Our network operations center will never leave a comment, question or problem unanswered.  With twenty-four hour availability year round, our repair triage will mitigate any complication your business may encounter.
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Our Mission

TelecomDR is committed to delivering the highest quality of service amongst all branches, networks, services, and customers through reliable and proficient techniques. It will present your business with cost-conscious, long-term, honest disaster recovery insight and products. With respect to your environment, your team, and your values, we will provide a solution suitable to the ever-changing industry.
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