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As the evolution of business has vigorously required companies to be easily accessible via phone, fax, email and web, it has also brought on a paradigm shift from traditional network services to the necessity of a host service.  The telecommunications industry is slowly abandoning outside plants, forgoing basic maintenance checks, and isn't producing new fiber as quickly as necessary.  As a result, a business produces unreliable, inefficient and ineffective connectivity to a society that expects perfection.
TelecomDR was created to bridge the gap between a potentially deteriorating infrastructure and business continuity-based disaster recovery.  With state-of-the-art technology, top notch engineering prowess, advanced cloud computing, proficient data back-up, and competent storage services, it will assist any company in the design, maintenance and monitoring of critical network components.  Pairing engineers with an array of carriers, TelecomDR is always on alert with your best business in mind.  It will take the initiative to record and report a problem, enact disaster recovery protocols, provide appropriate documentation on the event and resolution process, and take proactive steps to minimize and eliminate additional risks.
TelecomDR works wirelessly through primary and redundant Internet access specifically designed to maximize uptime for critical applications with speeds ranging from seven megabytes to twenty-one megabytes.  Also utilized are private, secured wireless data circuits with MPLS connectivity and public Internet outlets with cloud firewalls.

TelecomDR employs only experienced industry veterans who have previously held executive-level positions at major carriers and entrepreneurial firms alike.  Operations, Engineering, Disaster Recovery, Development, and Cloud Services are among the divisions they have led.  The breadth of experience uniquely qualifies TelecomDR to assist customers with their decision making process regardless of complexity.  This experience also has the additional benefit of applicable skills on projects, loyal relationships and access to the executive teams at most carriers to ensure negotiations and escalations are handled qucikly and productively.
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TelecomDR's sister companies were created to better serve our clients
Affida Corporation is a full service technology consulting firm employing a stable of engineers and professionals versed in all manner of consulting and support.  Whether looking for assistance with strategic technology planning, sourcing, help desk, LAN discovery and documentation, or traditional consulting services, Affida is uniquely qualified to assist your firm.
Spencer Hill Communications is a leading telecommunications service provider composed of the industry's most valuable resources.  For over a decade, Spencer Hill's team of loyal and knowledgeable executive-level insiders have worked diligently to keep clients nationwide consistently connected.  Through a wide range of state-of-the-art technology, uniquely designed services, and in-house techniques, Spencer Hill will provide you with invaluable support.