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Data Back-up

TelecomDR's back-up services include tools and options for every need including multiple back-up servers with varying operating systems and databases, automatic scheduling, disaster preparedness solutions for critical CPE, on-demand electronic data restoration to alternate locations via Internet connection or mobile data vault, and compressed and encrypted copies of critical server data stored in two seperate data centers.  From installation, your data will be fully managed and monitored.

Voice Continuity Services & Analog Handoff

TelecomDR's PRI service provides twenty-three PRI channels for inbound and outbound calling, as well as an automatic fall-over with activation notifications and a manual redirect during phone system failures.  It also consists of a Cisco router pre-configured to work in conjunction with your phone lines and can be dispersed on any Internet circuit, in any location, at any time, if necessary, and will work with your existing carrier to set up automatic failover in case of circuit malfunction.

Cloud Services

A cloud-based service is proven to be more exonomical, more adaptable, more protective and less time-consuming than on-site services.  It offers predictable costs upfront and minimizes ongoing operation expenses, it can easily accommodate small to medium sized companies, it has built in backup and recovery options, and call all be activated in a few days span with no extra hardware or software.

Network Diagnostic Packages

TelecomDR designs specific diagnostic packages to address the quality of VoIP services, dropped calls, one-way audio, poor quality phone calls, sporadic LAN/WAN and Internet delays, frozen applications, and bandwidth use, all done through a variety of analysis programs such as SNIFFER, SYSLOG, SNMP, and more.  Upon completion of each diagnostic project, TelecomDR will provide a full report on all findings including recommendations for repairs and corrective actions, budget guidelines, and site inventory information with corresponding diagrams.

Data Center

A data center offers superior means of data monitoring and management.  TelecomDR will assess individual requirements to provide your company with security from potential losses and data preservation through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), in respect to regulatory compliance.  Our data center connects to the core TelecomDR IP+MPLS network through multiple, diverse paths and routing fabric; all done through power disstribution center that ensure clean, consisten, reliable power backed up by Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems (UPS).

Network Operations Center

Customer service is our number one priority.  If you can’t reach us to solve your problems, then we aren’t doing our job.  Available on all holidays, weekends and nights, Spencer Hill Communications will be there for you.  We live-call answer every phone call with the intention to serve you.  We have an obligation to provide you with impeccable service and our dedicated Network Operations Center team will do just that.  Questions? Comments? Concerns?  Give us a call on our toll free number to get the answers you deserve.
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